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Hoyas Rising support for NIL creates lifetime student benefits.

Lifetime Student Benefits

With NIL, student-athletes can build their personal brand and monetize their image without sacrificing their eligibility to play collegiate sports. Here are the potential long-term advantages of NIL in various categories:


By strategically managing their personal brand, student-athletes can establish themselves as influencers in their sport and beyond. This can lead to increased recognition and endorsement opportunities that extend beyond their playing days.

Social Media Management

Social media provides an excellent platform for student-athletes to engage with fans and showcase their unique personality and interests. By using their social media accounts effectively, student-athletes can create a following and monetize their brand.


Student-athletes have a broad network and influence, which they can leverage to generate referrals and leads for their sponsors and partners. This can help partners reach new audiences, create long-term partnerships, and generate additional income opportunities.

Community & Social Activism

Student-athletes can use NIL to promote causes they care about, generate awareness, and make a positive impact on their communities. This can help them build a reputation as a leader and advocate, leading to further opportunities for endorsements and partnerships.


By learning how to manage their personal brand, social media accounts, and partnerships, student-athletes can develop valuable professional skills applicable to various industries. They can also use their connections to explore career opportunities and build their network.


With NIL, student-athletes can generate income to invest in their future and develop financial literacy and responsibility. They can create a financial plan, pay for expenses, and invest in their long-term goals.

Beginning in Fall 2023, Hoyas Rising, with the support of Georgetown University students, faculty and alumni will offer peer-to-peer training, designed to enhance the NIL benefits listed above.

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